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Overview and Assembly

JC-20 and JC-70 Overview

"What the heck is that?!?"  A Review of the JC-70 Trike


We want your Performer Recumbent experience to be as pleasant as possible, but before you can ride your Performer, you'll probably need to build it.

To help with that, we've placed our assembly manuals here for your reference. We recommend that if you are not an experienced bike builder that you enlist the assistance of a local bike shop. But if you desire to DIY, you'll find below our manuals and some videos to assist you.

Assembly Video

The JC-70 and JC-20 assembly video below also applies to the JC-26X. Mechanically the JC-26X is a JC70 with w 26" rear wheel with suspension.


Toe in adjustment tool  

Yes, it's that funny, heavy, 2 piece, metal thing.  :) 





 Performer JC-70

Performer JC-70 Assembly Manual

Performer JC-20

Performer JC-20 Assembly Manual